Genshin Impact Bug Results in Free Primogems for Players During Beneath Splendent Lanterns Event

Genshin Impact Bug Results in Free Primogems for Players During Beneath Splendent Lanterns Event

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There’s no better reward for any player than precious items for free from their favorite game. The Genshin Impact community is no exception, as it received 60 primogems from the developers recently. Apparently, it was a bug many players encountered during an event quest, Beneath Splendent Lanterns. Players faced difficulties during completing the quest. However, it’s very good to see that miHoYo put players’ problems first and fixed the bug within one day. ALSO READ: Genshin Impact: Can You Use Xiao’s Basic During His Ultimate? Recent bug players encountered in Genshin Impact The 1.3 update has brought a ton of events for the users. The event also offers free primogems as a reward upon completion. In the Lantern Rite event, players get daily quests offering 30 primogems each. While players are overjoyed by completing these events, they encountered a bug that made them face some problems during the game. In Beneath Splendent Lanterns, players have to find three treasures to get free primogems and amazing rewards. While exploring the world to find the treasures, players faced a bug among one treasure. During the quest, players get an option to dig to find the treasure. However, even by clicking the dig option, players could not open up any treasure. As a result, they could not complete the quest and were unable to get any rewards from the quest. Image Credit: SekapokoIt is commendable that miHoYo fixed the bug within some hours for the comfort of their users. The developers were on a break because of the ongoing Chinese New Year festival and thus watching them fixing it within hours is really impressive. By the time you are reading this, they have already fixed the bug. Therefore, you can enjoy the game facing no problems for now. New Stand by Me event within the game Through the Stand by Me event, players can receive a Liyue’s four star character of their choice. The characters are Ningguang, Xiangling, Xingqiu, Beidou, Chongyun, and Xinyan. In order to to get one of these characters, players have to collect 1000 Peace Talisman and also have to reach Glow of a Thousand Lanterns level in Theater Mechanicus event. Travelers can get Peace Talisman by completing missions from Theater Mechanicus and can get any character to complete to their collection or can redeem a character to get free constellations. ALSO READ: Genshin Impact: Farming Xiao Lantern Ingredients and Other Special Currencies in Update 1.3 Event

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