PUBG vs FAUG: As FAUG ratings fall, fans demand PUBG unban

PUBG vs FAUG: As FAUG ratings fall, fans demand PUBG unban

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PUBG vs FAUG:PUBG has been banned in India for over 5 months now, and fans’ anticipation regarding the game’s comeback is not curbing, let alone dying down. Players’ emotions have time and again been played with some eSports influencers claiming that PUBG could return on a certain date, and the game doesn’t get launched.
Since the last January 15 to 19 bait on PUBG’s return in India, players have been asking for some concrete information, some source that could tell them when the game is expected to make a comeback. However, no one has any information to give out regarding PUBG’s comeback in the country.
Meanwhile, the global version of PUBG Mobile received a new update. The major update brought the Power Armor mode that comes with its own unique abilities. The new update news has made people even more restless as they wait to enjoy PUBG Mobile: Power Armour.

@TSMentGHATAK don’t ignore this tweet,don’t u think it’s high time regarding the release of PUBG MOBILE INDIA, why can’t u all file the petition to Launch PUBG MOBILE INDIA ASAP and all the creators stand together in this.I m not against government and all #esportsforindia
— Aryant Raj (@aryantraj2903) February 1, 2021

No I can’t but there are thousands who do better
— Maxtern (@RealMaxtern) January 27, 2021

PUBG Mobile’s 1.3 update was also launched recently, and many players have been wanting to try that as well. However, the linking requires a global account whose access is banned in the country.
PUBG Mobile New Map Update: 5 new changes which will make PUBG enjoyable; Check out- PUBG Mobile’s 1.3 update is out for beta testing now. Many leaks had been suggesting that a new map, Karakin is going to get rolled out. With this 1.3 PUBG Mobile update, the map will be rolled out fully, but for now, new features of the map can be tested out in the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta version.
Currently, some patch notes for PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 version are revealed and they confirm that Karakin would be added. Here are the updates that can be expected from PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3.

PUBG Mobile is adding its first aerial vehicle and will add the Motor Glider. This is a two-seater aeroplane that functions exactly like an air-bound vehicle, with a runway needed for it to take off, and once its in the air, it consumes a lot of fuel based on the speed. This vehicle will be available in Erangle and Miramar for now.

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