I just took 2nd in a main event and won $118,422. Now what do I do?

I just took 2nd in a main event and won $118,422. Now what do I do?

Dan Bilzerian BlitzPoker

Legit question, I usually play $5/$10 PLO but decided to ride from South Carolina to BestBet in Jacksonville FL this past weekend to check out their cash games and take a few stabs at satellites into the 2k entry main NLH event. Long story short, I go from winning a seat via satellite to the main event, then end up taking 2nd out of 511 players to cash for $118,422. (Scott Stewart is a beast so I’ll settle for 2nd lol) now to the question: I’m open to hear any advice, perhaps some of you have been in my shoes. They couldn’t take any taxes out there so I know uncle sam will bend me over at some point. I know I need to hire a poker accountant who can coach me through tax write-offs as a professional player. I also need a financial advisor etc.. but I want your input. I have zero ego here. What would you/did you do that could be of helpful advice? I go from a midstakes cash player to 14th ranked POY (I know its only Feb, I just want to say that while I can lol) I’ll post a link to the pokernews write up and the final table stream if interested. Thanks for the input guys I’ll take all the advice I can get! Much appreciatedhttps://youtu.be/QCK57b3PZzghttps://www.pokernews.com/news/2021/02/scott-stewart-wins-2021-bestbet-jacksonville-winter-poker-38601.htm

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