Guide on Casino Bonuses

Guide on Casino Bonuses

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I Crossed Post this from another sub but it seems to have been deleted by a mod, so i’ll just post it normally.I noticed a lot of confusions going around regarding Casino Bonuses. I will try to elaborate the different types of bonuses so people can use this as a reference. This is mostly GENERAL, so make sure you confirm on the Casino you’re playing at. ALWAYS, I repeat, ALWAYS READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS regarding bonuses.We’ll use this welcome bonus from a casino I play at luckystar.io150% bonus up to 300 $/€ + 50 no wagering free spins on top of 1st depositDeposit(d) == 200$ | Bonus(b) == 300$200$ + 300$(bonus) = 500$**Note – even if you deposit 500$, you’ll still only get 300$ as bonus since the max is 300$.2 types of wagering terms, the usual range is around 20x – 50x, but in this case, we’ll be using 30x.a. 30x (d+b) == 30 x (200$ + 300$) = $15,000 to wagerb. 30x (b) == 30 x (300$) = 9000$ to wager2 Types of BonusSTICKY BONUS – this is probably the most common Bonus you’ll encounter. Your Deposit will be glued together with the bonus amount that you have received. Restraining you from withdrawing any sum until you have completed the wagering requirements.They usually use the first type of wagering, 30x (d+b).Casinos I play at with this types of bonus- au-slots.comNON-STICKY BONUS(also referred to as parachute or lifeline bonus) – My favorite one, separate your real money from the bonus money. Allows you to withdraw without fulfilling the wager AS LONG AS you DON’T DIP on the bonus money.They usually use the second type of wagering, 30x (b).So using the sample above, If I have 301$ left after a spin and won 2000$, I can withdraw the sum MINUS the bonus money, in this case $2301 – $300 = $2001Now, if this thing happened when my balance is at $299, already in the bonus money, I will have to fulfill the $9000 wager before I can withdraw the sum, this includes the 300$ Bonus.The reason I prefer this, is because it’s like playing with a straight cash, and that if you win you can just withdraw anytime as long as you don’t dip on the bonus amount. Think of the bonus money as a consolation if you lose your deposit.Casino I play at with this types of bonus- slotsmillion.comThing to take noteMax Bet – Always ask in chat or read the terms on what’s the max bet while playing with a bonus, the usual is 5$Games that counts toward wager – MOST slots gives 100% towards the wager, I say most because there are some slots that doesn’t add towards the wager, one I can think on top of my head is blood suckers. Most table games don’t, but I’ve seen 5% – 10% on some casinos.ALWAYS ALWAYS READ THE TERMS AND CONDITION, or politely ask in chat the things mentioned here.Personal OpinionThere’s nothing wrong with using a bonus, it’s not scam. As long as you know what you’re doing, and research on games that are good for wagering, you can take advantage of these bonuses, especially those welcome bonuses.**PS.**I vouch the casinos listed here as i personally use them, and obviously they are affiliate links, you can google them if you prefer to not use my affiliate link, but it’ll help me a bit by using the link.


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